4 Apps that Keep Draining Your Battery on iPhone

4 Apps that Keep Draining Your Battery on iPhone

Do you have trouble with your iPhone battery? Does it drain fast? If yes, it brings you a lot of inconveniences. At least, you should always take a charger to recharge your iOS device every few hours. To stop it, you need to figure out the problem. There are a lot of different factors such as software issues or your battery lifespan reaching its limit. But there’s also a not so obvious cause — fast battery draining can be related to the apps that have been installed on your device. They can discharge the phone even when you aren’t using them. A little bit shocking? So, let’s reveal four of the most popular apps in this category.


facebook app screen

Facebook is number 3 in the list of Social Networking on the App Store. It is the most well-known worldwide social net, and, most likely, you have it installed on your phone. But let’s think about what Facebook does when you are not using the app. First of all, it continues to update the information about your friends, as well as send you the notifications. Secondly, Facebook always uploads photos and videos, and this process requires a lot of your battery charge. And thirdly, there is no secret that Facebook tracks your browser activity and does other things that go beyond the app. Such information is necessary to make a better targeting for advertisers.


Spotify application screenshots

If you are an attentive Spotify user, you may notice that your battery starts to run out much faster. This happens because of its Background activity. The app always checks whether there is enough playback buffer of a song in your phone memory in case you lost your Internet connection. If you want to disable the app’s activity in the background, you can do it in the Settings tab. For this, navigate to General submenu, and find there the Background App Refresh option. What’s more, here you can disable the background refresh feature not only for Spotify but also for other apps.


instagram app screen

There are two main things that can be the cause of draining your battery. The first is the reason already well-known to us — background activity. Many people just exit Instagram instead of fully close the app. Therefore, the app is continuing to update the photos and videos of your friends. And another aspect is the location feature. A lot of users are not aware that if you “allowed” Instagram to track your location, it can do this even when you are not using the app. If you want, you can switch this permission off in the Settings tab.


snapchat app screen

Snapchat is definitely in the list of TOP battery-draining apps. Like Facebook or Instagram, it relies on camera usage. And as we all know, the camera consumes a lot of the device’s battery juice. If you want to reduce this pressure, we advise you to turn on Snapchat’s “Travel Mode” in the Settings tab. Hence, the app will run less of its functions and save your battery charge.

Also, we all like to use Snapchat’s filters during the day. But it really consumes a lot of the device’s charge. If you want to save the battery, you should minimize the time you use the camera with filters.

The Final Word

Now you know the apps that are always draining your battery no matter if you use them or not. The most spread reason of such effect is the background activity. You can always check which apps use the most of your battery resources in the Settings -> Battery -> Battery usage tab. Have you already know the names of these titles? Share with us in the comments below.

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