7 Apps For Those Obsessed With Science

7 Apps For Those Obsessed With Science

If you did not like science before, you are going to love it with these coolest apps. The world is constantly changing around us, and it is a natural desire to learn as much as possible about it. These apps were made for those users who want to understand the world and its ways.

Top 7 scientific apps

Our phones are powerful tools. But usually, we are limited to the most necessary apps that we use every day, like messengers or TV channels. The phone can help to track earthquakes, find out what bird is making that noise or search for one specific star in a castellation.

Here you will find seven amazing apps for the current or future scientists. They help us to understand the place we live in better. Besides, it is always entertaining to uncover the mysteries of our life.


iNaturalist app screenshots

The app was made with help from the California Academy of Science and National Geographic. iNaturalist helps you to identify animals or plants you see. You can take photos and send them to the app community, and they will help you to find out the name. Besides, you can check observations of other people, join discussions, and find out more about your area and ecosystem.

With this app, you can take part in the science projects of citizens that help scientists to track rare species. You can also run a Bioblitz event where you will have to identify various species. Go to your yard or to the park and search for answers.


Rockd app screenshots

Rockd is the app dedicated to geology. It provides you with interesting information about geological objects in your living area. Usually we don’t pay attention to the rocks under our feet. But how many cool minerals we can actually find in the region? And what rock formation are we living on?

Rockd explains everything about the land our house stands on, including the years of its existence. And this is not all. If you want to know anything about the rock you have just found,  log in and record your observations, search for similarities and ask the community around the world. The app has Brunton Compass in-built. It helps to measure the direction of a rock layer.

Rockd is easy to use. There is a simple guide that will help you from the beginning. It is available for both mobile platforms.


MyShake app screenshots

MyShake app was made by UC Berkeley to help you track any of the smallest shifts that happen on the surface of the Earth. It uses motion sensors to record Earth shifts. The app contains a neural network that uses all the received information to tell you whether the movement was caused by an earthquake or not.

MyShakes uses smartphone sensors that are really sensitive and notice even the smallest movements. Once researchers have noticed that the phone’s sensors can register 5.0 magnitude quakes in 6 miles from the epicenter, they came up with the idea of the app. Of course, with this app, it is better not shake it on purpose, not running or jumping.

If you want to receive the right data, you better put it on some surface. Don’t just hold it in your hands. You can enable in-app reports to scientific centers that gather information on quakes. MyShake developers are testing an early warning system for the app. Still, you have to watch the sensors from time to time, especially if you live in an earthquake zone. MyShake is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Moon Atlas 3D

Moon Atlas 3D app screenshots

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA administrator, has announced this year that the American government will send their astronauts to the moon by 2024. It looks like all the biggest names in the space industry are interested in the same thing: they all want to keep their own piece of the moon. They all consider using the South Pole as the source for building a lunar community after the water ice was found there.

Possibly this is the best time to explore the lunar surface. And Moon Atlas 3D app helps you to do this. You can check every crater and hill without having to fly there. With the double-tap on the site, you receive information about the mission from Wikipedia. Yet, it does not have information on the Change 4 mission, which is the latest one that landed on the moon in January. But there is always a place for more updates in the app.

Everything is so detailed that you can choose even the lunar phase. Pick the number of lunar labels that are shown. The advanced map shows the moon on the old-fashioned vintage paper map. And since the moon is not colonized yet, we can prepare for this time beforehand. Download Android or iOS versions of the app only from official app stores.


BOINC app screenshots

BOINC is UC Berkeley's project that offers you to take part in various scientific experiments. The curious thing about the app: it works while you sleep. It gathers the information and sends to the researchers.

Scientists use your phone power to scan the skies, search for extraterrestrial life, or explore the three-dimensional proteins. Usually, these experiments take a lot of power from computers, and sometimes it is simply impossible for scientists to provide such experiments. But linked to the hundreds of other phones, experiments may continue. There are 35 various projects described in the app. You will find something you are interested in. They all have numerous research papers done based on the results.

You don’t have to do much. You can choose the project, register your profile, and go. Still, you need to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection and charger for the phone. The app currently works for PC and Android users.

Flyover Country

Flyover Country app screenshots

This app helps to see our Earth from a 40 000 feet distance. If you have been curious to see your hometown from the sky, the moment has come. You can change the distance yourself and chose the route.

Flyover Country is a savvy app. You don’t have to use a Wi-Fi connection constantly. Just plot the route and save, so you can later check everything while you are offline. You have 30 minutes of video to download. If you have a longer route, just pick the pieces you really want to see.

Explore volcanoes on your way, watch for geological events, and find out every cool fact that this land hides, including the fossils that were found there. The app has a cloud visual guide. If you have a long flight, the app is amazing entertainment.

Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID

Merlin Bird ID is amazing app for the birders who are just starting to explore this hobby. It has user-friendly and intuitive navigation. You don’t need to waste your time on learning how the app works.

Download the bird guide made for your area. Now, go search for birds. Once you saw one, take a photo and describe what you have seen, by answering the in-app questionnaire. Try to notice everything. You will be asked about its habitat as well. To make it easier, there is a list of birds that usually dwell in your region and the sounds of their calls.

If you have not seen the bird but heard the voice, you will be able to recognize it from the catalog. If you want to get to know everything about it, you can also download eBird on your phone, and track this bird. The app works well on both Android and iOS phones.

Just a Few Bonuses For You

Sir David Attenborough’s Story of Life

David Attenborough’s Story of Life app screenshot

Who does not know the greatest naturalist and historian Sir David Attenborough? This man has done so much for our Earth and taught a few generations how to love our world. This app contains the best video clips from Attenborough’s collection. There are categories like “Thrilling Hunts Caught on Camera”, “Unique Species First Filmed”, and also “Clever Animals Use Tools”. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

ISS Spotter

ISS Spotter app screenshots

Do you want to keep up with the latest movements of the International Space Station? This is an entertainment-only app that allows you to see where the ISS right now. It can also send you alerts when ISS is flying over your area. Perhaps you may notice something if you look really hard into the sky. Just kidding, don’t do this for too long please. The app is made for Android and iOS platforms.

Are you feeling smarter already?

These are only tiny bits of scientific apps you can install on your smartphone. Now we have powerful tools in our hands with all the information gathered from the whole world. We can get familiar with the best experiments and studies or create something on our own. It looks like the world is ours and if we are eager to learn more, we can do it.

Do you have your own list of scientific apps? Have you used one of the apps mentioned above? Share your experience with us in the comments below. And if you are an experienced bird watcher, please name the apps you use to track them, besides eBird.

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