A Challenger Appears: The Top New iOS and Android Games in 2019

A Challenger Appears: The Top New iOS and Android Games in 2019

1. Whispers of A Machine — Why the Future Can be Scary

Platform: iOS, Android

A retro-stylized goodie, Whispers of A Machine pictures the grim future, as it was seen in the late 70s/early 80s. Charming old-school aesthetics become only better, when you begin investigating a series of murders. Apart from Sherlock's trademark deduction, you also get to apply a few cybernetic augmentations, which put the whole investigating process in a new light. And that's good since certain puzzles have quite unobvious solutions. Side note: be ready for a ton of dialogues.

Learn why depending on AI isn't a good idea in Whispers of A Machine

2. Puzzle Pelago — If Minecraft was a Strategy

Platform: iOS, Android


Accompanied by the dashing sounds of an accordion and seagull shrieks, Puzzle Pelago offers you to ensure prosperity of an island village. Collect resources and deliver them to the settlement without a delay, upgrade buildings, synthesize new materials and carefully sculpt the supply and production networks. As a token of gratitude, you'll be praised with fireworks for every successful mission.

3. Art Inc. — Paintings and Sculptures + Capitalist Vultures

Platform: iOS

Art Inc. is a business tycoon simulator. This time your field of operations is an art museum and your responsibilities will include:

  • Guest satisfaction.
  • Buying new pieces of art.
  • Aggressive bidding at the auctions.
  • Staff recruiting.

In other words, it's a busy game, with hilarious parodies of real art masterpieces. Additionally you get to deal with scientific rarities, exclusive artifacts and even dragon eggs (reference to The Game of Thrones).

Gather the most bombastic collection and make a top dollar in Art Inc.

4. The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup — Robotic Hellhound

Platform: iOS

the unlikely legend of rusty pup

A bizarre puzzle game takes you through the adventures of a robo-doggo. Underground levels will make you do all sorts of strange manipulations with some fantastic mechanisms. A scary and cute steampunk fairy tale, Rusty Pup is seasoned with a remarkable voice narrative, which unveils the story of the strange Robo Dog.

Robo Pup is an enthralling, adorable and slightly disturbing game.

5. The Video Kid — Welcome to the 80s

Platform: iOS, Android

the video kid

Video Kid mimics Paper Boy's gameplay almost entirely. Plagiarism accusations put aside, it's an enjoyably pseudo-retro game, with countless cameos made by the legends of the 80s:

  • E.T.
  • Karate Kid.
  • Elmo.
  • Marty from Back to the Future.
  • Doctor Who.
  • The Blues Brothers etc.

Your objective is to glide and tap your fingers across the touchscreen in order to fling VHS tapes. They rarely hit the mailbox, flying directly to your clients' real estate: house, lawn, garage and so forth. With taxi cabs, biker gangs, Lamborghinis and pedestrians randomly popping up in your way, it dictates a vehement gameplay tempo. Add an energetic chiptune soundtrack to this, and things will get real hectic.

Despite a bit cluttered controls, The Video Kid kicks it like it's 80s again!

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