Amazing Christmas Tracking Apps

Amazing Christmas Tracking Apps

If you can hardly wait for the Christmas holidays and still have an enormous number of things to do before the main day begins, this article is for you. Presents, groceries, Christmas cards to send, school plays… this list can be longer than Santa’s list of naughty children. Christmas is a special holiday that everyone is waiting for.

It is ok to admit that there are several chores you’ve completely forgotten to do. Busy with all the holiday preparations, you may suddenly remember that you have to pick kids from school later in the evening. The time before the Christmas holidays is usually one of the toughest and busiest at work as well. Especially if you are Santa Claus and have to read all of these letters, take care of all the gifts, and make sure that Cupid and Comet do not fight with each other. No matter whether you are Santa or not, there is just one thing that can save you. It is an app on your phone that counts days left before Christmas.

Best Countdown Apps For Christmas

We want to talk about the most atmospheric and great countdown apps for your mobile device. App stores offer plenty of them, and it is hard to pick one. There are top apps that will remind you of how many days or hours are left before Christmas. If you have your own favorite Christmas countdown app, share it in the comments with us.

Christmas Countdown By Jupli

Christmas Countdown By Jupli screenshot

Price: Free

Platforms: Android and iOS

This Christmas tracker looks so adorable, it is hard not to look at it constantly. The app is available for both mobile platforms and is completely free. It offers a variety of Christmas themes with vivid HD quality graphics. You can try them one by one, from the Nativity theme to Snowmen, Santa Claus or Reindeers.

To cheer up your spirit and prepare you for the most beloved holiday on Earth, you will receive a gift with each new day of the countdown. The app has a wide collection of Christmas music and great visual effects of falling snow on your screen. The app shows seconds, minutes and hours left until Christmas.

Christmas Countdown By Jack McLean

Christmas Countdown By Jack McLean screenshot

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

This app is more about fun. It was made for an iOS mobile platform specifically. The app is free of charge. This Christmas Countdown has numerous cute wallpapers which you can change. The app offers you several options to track Christmas. You can choose if you want to see hours, days, minutes, seconds, or days and weeks.

You may pick a tracker that shows the hours of sleep that are left before Christmas. There is also a really interesting tracker that represents the number of heartbeats until Christmas. There are five Christmas heroes in the app: Santa himself, Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Snowman, and a Skater. You can even share this countdown with your friends on social networks. Also, don’t forget to check its Christmas song collection.

Christmas Countdown Wallpapers

Christmas Countdown Wallpapers gameplay

Price: Free

Platforms: PC

Who told you that smartphones can have beautifully designed Christmas trackers? This is an extension for your computer that allows you to decorate the screen with an atmospheric countdown. Beautiful Christmas-theme wallpapers already contain days, hours, minutes and seconds left until Christmas. This app has a To do list option that will not let you forget all your tasks before holidays. You may also reposition the countdown on your screen.

Christmas Countdown 3D Scene

Christmas Countdown 3D Scene screenshot

Price: free

Platforms: iOS

This is the best way to get the 3D image of the Christmas tree on your phone. If you want to feel the Christmas spirit, this app is for you. It is much more than a simple countdown app, it brings Christmas to your doorstep or at least to your phone. The best part is that the tree is dancing.

The app shows the days that are left before Christmas. The Christmas tree sparkles and dances to the Christmas best songs of all time. There are classic songs like We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells. You will hear them when you double-tap the screen. Send screenshots from this app to your friends so they can also feel this Christmas joy.

Do You Have To Limit Yourself With One Christmas Countdown?

No, you don’t have. As you may have noticed, we gathered different apps for different platforms here. You may install the countdown or wallpapers with a countdown on your phone or desktop. You can change themes, choose new songs to listen to. You may count your time left till Christmas in heartbeats or days and hours. You can share screenshots and greetings with your friends or invite them to add the same tracker on their device. They all are free and easy to use. And one of them even contains presents for every day left before Christmas.

If you have other favorite countdowns, tell us about them. If you have already downloaded apps we mention in these articles, describe whether you like them or love them.  Leave a review on your favorite Christmas app in the comments below and explain why you use it.

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