Ease Up Black Friday Shopping With These Apps

Ease Up Black Friday Shopping With These Apps

It is never too early to prepare for craziness of Black Friday shopping. Many of us are already used to waiting for Christmas shopping only on this day. We are waiting for these offers the whole year, and it is really upsetting when we miss some great sales just because of a lack of preparation.

Why do we need apps for Black Friday?

Apps help us to track the best deals and to stay aware of how many products are left. They may even send us alerts, so we would not miss anything. All we need to do is share our shopping lists with some of these apps, and wait for the better offer. Here are some of the best apps you may need during Black Friday sales.

The Coupons App

The Coupons App screenshot

Platforms: Android and iOS

The Coupons App not only checks for the best deals but offers you to save money right now, using online promo codes, coupons, and digital fliers. There are 100 000 retailers with their services on the app. You can search for your favorite stores and wait for their beneficial offers, but you can also try something new, looking for a better price and comparing stores. Allow the app to use your GPS coordinates, and it will send you alerts on the profitable deals in your area. You will not miss sales as the app reminds you of a push notification on the expiring coupons and so on. As a pleasant bonus, the app shows the best prices for gas, so you can save even while traveling to the shop.


ShopSavvy app screenshot

Platforms: Android, iOS

ShopSavvy app allows you to search for the best deals. Shoppers may receive alerts on the fresh sales available from big stores. There are discounts offered by numerous shops, and you can cut the price by entering the code sent to you by these retailers via the app. Allow the app to use your GPS coordinates so it would recommend you best deals from nearby stores.


Flipp app screenshot

Platforms: Android and iOS

Flipp checks the sales from big stores and supermarkets like Target and Walmart. You may save hundreds of forests by refusing to buy paper ads. Instead, you can download Flipp on your phone. It is free of charge and keeps you up with the latest news and best deal from your favorite stores. And if you want to save your money on the products you need, wait for the coupons from the shops to download via Flipp. Check the local stores for coupons with the help of this app.


Shopular app screenshot

Platforms: Android and iOS

Shopular is the app that offers you the latest news on the best deals, various coupons, and weekly updates. There is a similar to ShopSavvy locator that offers you nearby stores with proper deals. Allow the app to use your GPS, and you will get coupons from local shops. Receive notifications from Shopular and save money.

Price Cruncher

Platforms: Android

Price Cruncher offers information on numerous deals worthy of your attention. It checks the prices and compares them for you, so you don’t have to calculate on your own which offer is the most gainful for your budget. The app calculates the price for one product so you can sum up and understand which shop is right for you. There are additional tools in the app that provide you with a shopping list and discount calculator.

Santa’s Bag

Santa's Bag app screenshot

Platforms: iOS

Santa’s Bag is the app for Santa helpers responsible for buying gifts. It provides you with the list you have to fill in before Christmas so that you wouldn’t forget anyone. You may download the app before the Black Friday or earlier to get in time. If you have lots of presents to buy and you don’t want to fall out of your budget, just use this app. Make a list and manage the budget for every gift. There is a nice tracker that allows you to see the days left until Christmas and the money you have already spent on presents and money that is left. The app is incredibly useful for big families.

Store-specific apps

Platforms: Android and iOS

This is not the name of one app. This is a recommendation for you on where to find the best deals. Every big store usually has its own app. You don’t have to follow all of them if you prefer one particular store. Download the app on your phone and choose to receive messages and ads from the app in settings. Before Black Friday, there will be tons of recommendations. This way, you will not get lost in numerous deals from various shops. Download apps of the stores you need and wait for alerts on your phone. Big stores like Walmart, Target or JCPenny offer coupons via their official apps. These apps are free of charge and really informative. You may even find customer reviews there. Some stores provide maps with the deals in their stores.

Which app to download?

If you have enough space on your phone, it is better to choose not one but several apps. This way, you will always track the best deals. Keep in mind that there will always be various great deals, but you have to keep an eye on your budget! If you use other apps for your Black Friday shopping, you may share them in the comments below.

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