Eat Healthy With These Nutrition Planning Apps

Eat Healthy With These Nutrition Planning Apps

Food is the key to our health. And having an eating plan for a day is extremely important if you want to stay active and in good shape. How many times do you forget to have lunch? How many times do you prefer fast food for supper or breakfast? During the day, we don’t keep in mind all the nutrients we have to consume. Instead of a diet, we eat something that is easy to reach.

Why do you need meal planning apps?

Eating toxic or junk food leads to various diseases, obesity, mental health problems, and so on. Apps for planning your diet help to avoid these problems. All you have to do is just follow the guidance from the app. You may find all the information you need about food. Eating healthy restores your health and even improves your level of happiness. We gathered here apps that you may find helpful.

Nutrition planning

It is a process of planning all your weekly eating. You plan ahead, so you don’t have to think of what to eat when you don’t have enough time for it. Usually, we decide what to eat when we are hungry. And when we feel the hunger junk food sounds like the best option: although it is greasy, it is already made. To avoid such decisions, a meal planning app is your best option. Planning in advance can be interesting and creative. It does not have to be plain and repetitive. You can try a combo of tastes. And the best thing, you will follow your diet.


Mealime app screenshot

Platforms: Android, iOS

Mealime is a meal planner made by Mealime Meal Plans Inc. It is free of charge with in-app purchases. It is one of the best helpers for busy people who work day and night and do not usually pay attention to what they eat and how many times. It is both suitable for single people and whole families. You can start by downloading the app on your phone and creating your profile there. The app asks for your food preferences to help you plan your diet. The app provides you with amazing simple recipes and helps you to make a grocery list.

Main features:

  • There are step-by-step recipes of dishes you will love from products you have to consume;
  • There are no much wastes left with this app. It teaches you how to prepare different courses using the same products;
  • The app offers automatic generating of the weekly meal plan and gives you a grocery list for the week.


Paprika app screenshot

Platforms: Android, iOS

Paprika is a recipe manager for your phone. It was developed by Hindsight Labs LLC. The app helps you to put all the recipes, eating plans into order. It also creates a list of products you need to buy. There is an in-built browser inside, and you can save all the recipes you like and found on the web.

Paprika’s best features:

  • It is really simple to download recipes from different websites with this app;
  • You can check the recipes you have saved even without an Internet connection;
  • Sync the recipes, nutrition plans and grocery lists between all the devices you use.


Yummly app screenshot

Platforms: Android and iOS

Yummly app was made by Yummly company to help users to produce a detailed plan of diet for a day and a week, and even a month. The app offers various meal plans with numerous recipes to make your diet exquisite and tasty. Besides, you receive information on the food you consume. The app is free in its basic version. There is an advanced paid service if you need one.

Yummly’s greatest features:

  • There are video tutorials that will help you to learn how to cook, video with the greatest recipes, and timers for simplicity;
  • Tap the “Yum” icon to add the recipe into your favorites. You can easily reach recipes you love the most in one tap;
  • There are a built-in schedule and a calendar that allow you to plan your cooking in advance.

Eat This Much

Eat This Much app screenshot

Platforms: Android, iOS

Eat This Much was made by Eat This Much Inc. It offers both free and paid services. It has a built-in meal planning feature and a counter of calories. This way you will know which products you can eat and which are better to avoid. You may switch dishes depending on the number of calories and reschedule the meal. The app offers you to add your personal information on weight, height, and goals for health. Eat This Much will help you to make a plan.

Main features of Eat This Much:

  • There are a bunch of different diets on your own choice: Atkins, paleo, Mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, etc;
  • There is a filter for the recipes based on your preferences in food;
  • The app helps you to set a target for weight loss or health-improving.

Lose It!

Lose It! app screenshot

Platforms: Android, iOS

Lose It! app was made by FitNow to help you track the calories and lose weight. It counts the calories you consume during the day and helps you to build a healthy diet. You can add your workouts plans there as well. It is free of charge but offers in-app purchases like premium features for year or month.

Main advantages of Lose It! App:

  • The app helps to make the weight loss plan more personal and more effective;
  • Tracks the calories in everything you eat and drink;
  • It checks your sleep cycles and gives your recommendations on it;
  • You can sync this app with other devices like Healthkit, Misfit, Withings scales and so on.

Why does meal planning work?

It helps you to avoid wasting food and saves your money. You buy only the ingredients you need instead of buying a bunch of frozen products which you may never eat. You don’t have to buy extras just because you have not decided what to cook yet. With these apps, you will plan ahead and cut the number of leftovers. You will help the planet by purchasing the food you will eat and not throw away.

You can save precious time with these apps. You will plan every meal beforehand, so you don’t have to decide what to cook when you are already in a supermarket. The written, planned menu helps you to organize your day and make it more beneficial. The apps offer you easy recipes that usually do not take much time.

You will eat healthily and therefore look and feel healthy. These apps are great helpers when it comes to following a healthy diet up to your health condition and preferences. With careful planning, you will feel yourself in charge of your own health. Beware! If you have health problems, you need to consult a doctor before you plan your diet. After the consultation, you may change your preferences in the app according to the doctor’s recommendations.

What is your goal?

All these five apps we mentioned here were made for people to achieve their goals in eating healthy. You may have your own intentions, like losing extra weight or improving your health, save time on cooking, save money, etc. It is up to you which app to choose. You have to follow your own goals. There are other similar apps on the market. Some of them track calories, others suggest recipes. Create your plan for a healthy lifestyle and share your goals with us below. You may write your favorite apps in the comments section.

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