How to Handle Your Facebook Drafts in the Android App

How to Handle Your Facebook Drafts in the Android App

Running a Facebook page requires scheduling your posts. Sometimes you want your post to appear at a certain time (when the goods you sell get available, or when some job is done, or when the celebration has come, and it’s time to greet your readers). Sometimes you just want some more time to get your thoughts shaped. Luckily, Facebook lets you do a part of the work before publishing, and your temporary post can be saved as a draft, only visible to you. 

An Android app is said to be capable of anything you can do in the web version. Let’s speak on how to post or delete your Facebook drafts with the Android app. Let’s do it step by step. 

It all concerns drafts for pages you run, not your personal blogs. As you admin a public page, you can post right on it, or save unfinished posts as drafts. These are the drafts we’re looking for. But (warning!) you will need another Facebook app for it.

Finding Your Drafts for Profile in the Android App

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First of all, to handle your drafts, you need to find where they are. When it comes to your personal blog, it’s easy. Create any draft: start making a post and then tap or swipe “Back”. You’ll be proposed to save your post as a draft; agree. Then it will be available in the notification bar, plus you’ll be proposed to finish it in the app, under the field for creating new posts.

Your draft remains available for three days, then the app deletes it automatically. Yet if you edit your draft again, you zero the counter, and after editing it, the countdown restarts, so you have three more days to decide what to do next. This way, you can also access the drafts you have made for your profile from other devices. 

But it’s more complicated with public pages. Here is some instruction on how to manage that. This quest includes visiting Google Play Store, so don’t be surprised.

Managing Drafts for Pages

The Android Facebook app has been reviewed in recent updates. So you cannot access the drafts you have created as you do on iOS (where you see the drafts right on the page, under the field for new statuses). Instead, you are offered a dedicated app named Facebook Pages Manager, a powerful tool for managing pages. So do the following:

  1. Install Facebook Pages Manager.
  2. Open it and log in if necessary (if you have the Facebook app, your account data is fetched automatically).
  3. Select the page you want and open it.
  4. Tap the suitcase-like icon in the lower right corner to open the extras menu.
  5. Select “Post Drafts” in the “Sharing Tools” section.
  6. If there are multiple drafts, select the one you want to post and tap the down arrow right from it
  7. Select the action to do to edit the draft, view edit history, post the draft immediately or delete it.

There is no way to manage drafts like this within the original Facebook app. The instructions you can find online are mostly obsolete, covering the outdated versions of the app. If you have the freshest one, it probably doesn’t have page management functions in full. Some of them (including draft management) have been moved to Facebook Pages Manager. 

Alas, this app doesn’t let you save unfinished posts as drafts either. You can only create a draft in the web version from a desktop and then access it from your mobile device. But probably soon it will let you save drafts just like the core app does for posts in your profile.

What Do You Think?

Maybe you know some tricks on how to do it simpler? Or you have your own experience with these apps, and you know how to do it another way? Did Facebook Pages Manager help you in other ways? Share your own experience here, and we’ll appreciate that, as well as other readers.

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