Join The Dark Side: Apps That Will Go Nicely With Android Q

Join The Dark Side: Apps That Will Go Nicely With Android Q

Google has announced that Android Q will finally feature a complete and legit dark theme. Not only it goes easy on your device and its battery life but also gives your eyes get a lesser strain. Especially when you stare at the screen late at night, wondering which Netflix show to watch at 2:13 in the morning.

After we've seen a glimpse of the dark theme in Android Pie, which was considered a fiasco from a technical point of view, we'll finally get to experiment with that stylish option. It's still months until Android Q premieres. So we'd like to suggest 5 apps that will look extremely handsome when set to the dark mode. Try our tips and see for yourself!

1. Facebook Messenger — Classy Chats
Messenger dark theme screen

Facebook Messenger was one of the first apps to pioneer at introducing the dark mode. A clever idea was that mode could be activated by sending a crescent-emoji during the conversation. Whether this trick still works or not — you can try it personally. But to turn the darkness on in the chat window,  you need to:

  • Launch the app;
  • Tap on the profile icon (top left corner);
  • Tweak the Dark Mode toggle.

The screen will smoothly lose all of its whiteness, saving the battery life.

2. Google Maps — Jazzy Navigation

Google Maps dark mode screen

Google Maps not only helps you find your destination, locate anything by its coordinates or take a digital walk in almost any city on Earth through the picturesque Street View. It also has the Night mode. It's easy to activate:  Settings → Navigation Settings → Night mode. Again the changed color palette may be quite helpful if your battery is running low and you still need the navigation assistance.

3. Reddit — Slick Trolling

Reddit dark theme screen

Reddit is brimming with interesting topics and intriguing threads. Sometimes they can be so enthralling that you cannot part with your phone very late at night. To diminish the stress your eyes receive from the screen brightness, go to Settings → Theme → Dark mode. But if you don't want to switch it on manually each time, Reddit has a surprise for you: the app can activate any desirable screen mode at a certain time of day.

4. YouTube — Trendy Video Watching

Youtube dark theme screen

YouTube is not an exception and is ready to provide you with an elegant dark GUI. Empirically it has been learned by many viewers that the dark interface allows better concentration at the video content and also can be soothing. The bright white UI tonality works as an irritant to your nervous system, especially in the evening. To activate it, follow this algorithm:  Profile icon → Settings → General → Dark theme.

5. Slack — Snazzy Workflow

Slack dark theme screen

If Slack is used at your workplace as a corporate messenger, you can dip it in the dark tonality as well. Three Dot Icon → Settings → Dark Mode → Continue and voila.

Darkness is Coming, but When?

The exact release date of Android Q is still unknown. But you can try its beta right now. 

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