Professor Gadget — Top 5 Educational Apps Every Student Must Have

Professor Gadget — Top 5 Educational Apps Every Student Must Have

While studying at college, you might need every help possible to excel. Instead of spending one more hour in the library, check the Top 5 educational apps for a college student that we have prepared for you. From math and English to geography and astronomy — these apps will extend and solidify your knowledge.


1.  World Geography SMART Dictionary — What's the Capital of Europe?

This application comprises a diverse database, separated into a number of categories:

  • Hydrology;
  • Flora and fauna;
  • Economical geography;
  • Geology etc.

Each one of them contains special terminology, interesting facts, and basic info about every country in the world (similarly to the CIA's Factbook).Additionally, you may divide stuff you're learning into your own custom categories: often used, rarely touched, learned, but forgotten and so on.

2.  Skyview — The Star Map in Your Pocket

Skyeview app screen

One of the most unique applications, Skyview allows you to learn the name of the planet, star, constellation, comet and so on, which you're seeing right at the current moment. Simply aim the camera of your device at the heavenly object and voila — an informative note is shown on your screen. Moreover Skyview can remind you of the sky events that you wouldn't want to miss: solar eclipse, planet parade, meteor shower or a passage of a satellite.

Skyview is marvelous for the beginning astronomers and students, who want to learn more about space.

3. Photomath — For Lazy Mathematicians

photomath app screen

Photomath can be a true life-saver if you have little to no time to solve a math problem. The algorithm is simple:

  1. Install the application.
  2. Point the phone camera at the math problem.
  3. Snatch it.
  4. Wait until the answer is ready.

Or you can write the math problem manually, directly in the app — it’s your choice. It takes merely a few seconds (1 minute max) for Photomath to process and solve the entire thing. Additionally, step-by-step explanation of how the numbers got crunched will be provided, along with the answer.

Photomath is a magic wand for doing calculations.

4. English Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs and Slangs — Increase Your Vocabulary

English Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs and Slangs

If you feel like it's about time to boost your eloquence with a few catchy sayings — this app is exactly what you need. Its list of authentic British and American maxims runs for miles, which can either expand your knowledge of your native tongue or sharpen your mastery, if it's your second language. Proverbs and slangs you like the most can be marked as favorite.

English Idioms, Phrases, Proverbs and Slangs is awesome for anyone studying Shakespeare's language.

5. HelloTalk — Polyglot's Dream

hellotalk app screen

Through HelloTalk you can find a person to practice a foreign language with. From French to Mandarin, from Italian to Swahili — simply select a language you want to study, your mastery level and go for it. Additionally, you'll need to specify your native tongue as well.

Make friends worldwide, learn about their cultures and hone your polyglot skills.

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