Samsung Galaxy Fold Hits US Stores

Samsung Galaxy Fold Hits US Stores


This is going to be a good comeback story: Galaxy Fold, a truly unique marvel of technology, finally comes off hold. It is already on sale in the UK and South Korea and recently launched in America on 27 September. US journalists have already received the new units to test, and soon the Fold will hit Australian shelves before Christmas.

The phone is still a little too precious, and the care instruction sticker affixed to the front of the phone might raise your blood pressure. The lyrics of the song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers perfectly describes how to use the new Galaxy Fold: You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Samsung Announced Major Improvements

With the new foldable phone, Samsung wanted to set the stage for a new generation of smartphones, but the plan didn’t go really well. The phone’s launch was put on hold in April due to a design flaw when reviewers’ phone screens were damaged after using it for a few days. Samsung postponed the initial 26 April sale date and went back to fix the malfunctions. The $1980 foldable phone was supposed to be a big hit reinforcing Samsung’s position as a game-changer, but the early problems pressed the maker to change its strategy in selling this device. The new launch may not look like the winner’s glow and Samsung does not seem very enthusiastic in cashing out the first-to-market bragging rights.

We know our readers are eager to learn how the redesigned version holds up longer-term, so we have got a sneak peek about the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Things You Need to Know

It became a less than an ideal situation to introduce the beleaguered device with a price tag of almost $2000 initially. Some reviewers had debris under the screen, and others had unknowingly peeled off a polymer layer that looked like a screen protector and was not meant to be removed. As a result, the screen spazzed and blacked out. This prompted the South Korean electronics giant to postpone the launch ultimately.

samsung galaxy fold screen

For all Galaxy enthusiasts; this is the first phone by Samsung with a foldable display. It is truly remarkable as Samsung became the first brand to introduce this marvel to the masses. Lenovo has already shown off a foldable display laptop prototype, and Motorola and Huawei are also working on this technology. As the revamped Galaxy Fold has hit the American shelves, the fans who have been eagerly waiting to get the new version will be able to buy instead of pre-ordering.

Samsung took the time to evaluate the design, make improvements, and rigorously test the new units to validate the changes. Earlier inspections revealed issues might have stemmed from the polymer protective layer and the phone’s hinge. Samsung also found substances inside the device that impacted the display performance. In this article, we offer our hands-on review on the updated Galaxy Fold and talk over everything that has been revamped.

What’s New in the Galaxy Fold

The Invisible Protective Plastic Layer

The new phone looks almost similar to the previous unit, obviously with changes making it hard to damage the phone’s delicate plastic screen. As some reviewers had peeled off that layer and later learned it was an essential part of the screen, and removing it caused the screen malfunctioning. This time, Samsung has made some major design changes, including hiding the plastic layer edges thus removed the question of whether the protective polymer layer was part of the display or not. This means you can’t take off the film as it stretches beneath the plastic bezel and the edges are no longer visible. The gap between the phone’s body and the hinge is also reduced.

Unfolding the Fold

folding the screen of samsung galaxy fold

The unfolding is smooth and graceful. We loved opening and closing the screen, and it felt sturdier as compared to the original design. You will actually feel the slight resistance as you close the phone and sense the magnetic sides snap shut. The main USP of Fold is that it can actually fold, and it gets amazingly thin when folded closed. The 4.6-inch AMOLED outside panel can be used for calls, notifications, and other simple things. You can also use the front-facing camera, but to utilize the ground-breaking, intelligent six-camera system, you need to unfold the phone.

Screen Caps to Block Air Gaps

The new model comes with the new “T-shaped” plastic caps to fill the gap that existed when you try to fold the phone. Try using your fingernails to create any openings, we are sure you won’t be able to. These caps will also keep dust and debris from entering under the screen.

Reinforced Display

The new fold model has metal under the polymer display as an added reinforcement to reduce the crease appearance in the phone’s center that earlier looked prominent in the previous design. This will also keep the screen from damage even if you are pressing it a little hard.

Are Astro Blue and Martian Green Colors Available?

Unfortunately, no. While these colors really took the phone over the top, Samsung is only selling the Fold in Black and Silver variants now. We are not surprised as the company seems prepared for fewer sales due to declining enthusiasm and wants to keep unit counts in check.

Can You Preorder Galaxy Fold?

No, there won’t be any. These phones will be on sale on Samsung Experience Store and “select” Best Buy and AT&T retail stores. The maker is not selling the new units from its website, but it lists stores that carry the foldable phone. If you are unable to find a store nearby, you can also order online via Best Buy and AT&T that have Fold available.

samsung galaxy fold multi-active window

If you are among those Galaxy lovers who pre-ordered this phone and have not cancelled it yet, you will need to place your order again. Samsung has cancelled all existing pre-orders and offered a $250 Samsung store credit instead for this hassle. Furthermore, Galaxy Fold users are also offered the new Premier Service, a white-glove offering helping users with phone support, setup, etc. Samsung experts will be on call 24/7.

Can You Get it From Other Carriers?

Only AT&T carries the new Fold, but if you are on another carrier, you may purchase and use the unlocked version from Best Buy or any Samsung Experience store.

Will I get a Galaxy Fold 5G in the US?

While Samsung has already revealed a foldable 5G smartphone at the launch event in South Korea, Galaxy fans in the US will only unwrap the 4G version, unfortunately. The company had earlier announced that the 5G version will be released in selected countries, obviously with a higher price than the 4G model. The 5G version is also released in the UK and Germany.

It’s New and Improved Fold

The launch of Galaxy Fold is a major departure from the standard design of smartphones. The revamped unit is lighter with a bigger screen. Now, there is no need to buy a smartphone and a tablet PC, just get a Galaxy Fold. While other makers, including Huawei, are busy in developing similar smartphones, they are met with design issues like integrated hinge and foldable screen that must survive thousands of folds for an average user without signs of wear. Huawei had the same concerns about the design of Mate Flux and delayed the launch.

Samsung’s latest release has just hit US shelves, streaking ahead of its competitors, especially Huawei. The new model has definitely attracted the attention of consumers, but at the same time, it is risky and expensive to buy easily. The foldable smartphone boasts a key feature, an enhanced multi-tasking system that helps consumers to use more than one app by dividing the screen between these applications.

The initial plan to launch the previous design of Galaxy Fold was delayed by Samsung, and this is the redesigned consumer-ready model. What we know about the new model is that a protective layer of the film has been added to the inner screen, so you can’t remove it by hand. The company has also added protective caps to prevent dust from entering the phone. It will be too early to tell whether the new version will be a hit or not considering the price factor. We are happy to see this phone finally in the hands of US consumers.

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