Snapchat: Blocking and Unblocking in Detail

Snapchat: Blocking and Unblocking in Detail

The multimedia messaging application Snapchat allows you to communicate globally without many efforts and absolutely for free. In addition, it can also be used as a social network and brings correspondent features. You can share photos, texts, videos, and images. Now it is very popular with young people due to its unique option. Any message you send to your friend will disappear from his device in a couple of seconds. Still, even with such a high level of confidentiality, sometimes, there is a need to block the contact forever or for some period being able to unblock it later. And this app allows to do it easily. We are going to deliver a brief instruction on this issue.

How does it work?


But first, we would like to say some words about the product and the way you can get access to it. You can find Snapchat in the App Store or Google Play. Download it and sign up using your email address. It will also require to enter your real name and username, date of birth, and password. It will get access to your camera, so you are allowed to take pictures and videos. It is possible to switch between your rear- and front- cameras with the help of icons located at the top right. You are welcome to send a message with a time limit or without it, and after the recipient views and closes the message it will disappear.

You can change your settings according to your preferences. From the very beginning, by default, any person who is aware of your phone number or username can send you a message. But as long as you have the “My friends” section, you can set up the restriction and allow your friends mentioned in this list to send you messages. It is easy to do. Go to the menu, select “Who can send me snaps…” and choose “My Friends” instead of “Everyone.”

You can block a user because of inappropriate content or for any other reason. But before doing it, you’d better understand the whole process.

Blocking and Unblocking

Are you sure that you want to block this particular user? First, we are going to tell you about the consequences. When you block some person, you refuse to get any messages from them, and in general, they cannot contact you and view your public posts which you share within the application.

It will take a minute to perform a couple of actions and to reach the result regardless of what device you use.

Blocking people on Snapchat will only take a minute or so to complete, so here’s how to do it.
If this undesired contact is in the list of “My Friends”, perform the following steps:

  • Open the app and activate your Friends screen swiping to the right.
  • Find an annoying person in the list or any other contact you want to block and tap his name, holding it for a while.
  • Now Select “More” and tap it.
  • You will see the function “Block” – tap it.

If an undesired person is not on your Friends list, you should:

  • Find them using a magnifying glass located near the word “Friends” right at the top of the screen.
  • Enter their username in a box.
  • And when the system shows him, tap on their name and hold.
  • Now Select “More” and tap it.
  • You will see the “Block” function – tap it.

As you see, the process is extremely easy and does not require any notifications and permissions.

What happens when you apply the above function?

You can be sure that the blocked persons will never get access to your account, they will not be able to send messages, to chat with you, view your Story or Group Charms. Of course, if they are connected with you on other social media sites, you should take measures there, but within Snapchat, you cut them off from your account completely.
Why don’t you simply remove a friend, if you do not want to communicate with him? If you choose this option, a person continues to access your publicly shared content, while blocking prevents them from viewing any information from you.

How to unblock someone on Snapchat

There are so many chances! If you have decided to cancel your blocking, the app allows you to do it. Go to Snapchat settings screen and follow our guide. In the top-left corner, you will find your profile icon. You should tap on it to see a gear icon located in the top-right which should also be tapped. Now you find yourself in your Settings. Scroll to “Blocked” section and activate it by tapping. You will see all the people you have ever blocked here. Find a person you would like to unblock and tap the “X” near their username.

That’s it!

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