The Best iOS Apps for Flight Tracking

The Best iOS Apps for Flight Tracking


Traveling is not always a relaxing experience, even for Globetrotters. Sometimes, it becomes more of a burden than enjoyment when there are flight delays or cancellations, and you may not have the foggiest idea when the boarding will start. In such situations, you just wish if you could know the flight timings beforehand. You need to keep yourself updated with the right data when you are planning your journey, comparing different flight timings, or before you head out to the airfield to pick your loved ones. Amidst the inevitable flight delays, swarming gate areas, and winding security lines, many app developers have attempted to make the ordeal less stressful.

But Airlines do Offer Such Apps, Right?

Of course, such apps are there, but their benefits are limited. These apps can be used for online check-in, boarding passes, notifications, and tracking flights to some extent, but they don’t offer additional features with real-time tracking of airplanes like ride-hailing services. There are other features like actual time of departure, best places to eat during your layover that are more useful than you might have thought. Thanks to different flight tracking apps that are easily downloadable on smartphones, you can stay updated with alerts on flight delays, follow almost exact location or even get a quick rundown of things to do during your layover. You don’t need to be a geek to understand and use them.

These apps are of more use than you may have imagined. From tracking your flights to the timetables, alerts on delays to the list of best places to during layover, these flight tracking apps are great. We have filtered the best flight tracking app for iPhones, check them out!


FlightAware app screen

Among other apps, FlightAware seems like the Swiss army knife — an all in one flight tracking app. It offers free and live tracking of the flight status of all commercial flights worldwide. This easy to use app is particularly useful when your flight is delayed. You can use the app to search for any flight by entering details like flight number, airport code, aircraft type, airline, or schedule. It will display the airline, aircraft, its schedule, origin, and destination on your mobile screen.

Users can also check the aircraft movement across the sky and its proximity from the airport along with weather updates. There are many good reviews highlighting that they get FlightAware’s alerts faster than the airline app. It also allows you to sign-up for the push notifications on flight’s arrival and departure info, and pings for flight delays, diversions, cancellations, and gate changes.

The app’s user interface is intuitive, information is well displayed, and the maps clearly show where your flight is. This is definitely your go-to app for presenting all the details you need for situations like flight delays. For our aviation sadists, we suggest checking out the “Misery Map” showing airports with the most delays and cancelations.


Flightrader24 app screen

If you are an aviation geek and interested in tracking flights, then this app is for you.  In terms of functionalities, this app is packed with amazing flight tracking features that transform your iPhone into a traffic radar. Even if you are not flying, it has a super cool mode where you can clearly see the planes flying overhead and play an air traffic controller. Simply point your iPhone at an aircraft in the sky, the app will quickly recognize it and give you the details like the actual time of departure, speed, altitude, estimated time of arrival, and airline. There is another cool feature called “Cockpit view” offering a 3D pilot view. 

If you are heading towards the airport, simply tap on the airport icon to get the details like flight status or delay information, arrival time, and weather conditions. You can easily set up alerts for the flight number, aircraft type, or airline name.

Flight nerds can virtually “zoom in” on any airfield and see which aircraft are on approach, departing or taxiing. If you tap on specific flights, you can see its destination, flight number, flight time, and the aircraft operating the flight. You can also follow the course of any flight through this app.

App in the Air

App in the Air Screenshot

App in the Air is a fantastic tool that’s known for offering the most trusted flight coverage globally. You can get real-time status about flights from around one thousand airlines, such as Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways, Ryanair, China Eastern, Singapore Airlines, and many more. This app offers all the necessary details about your flight like other apps on our list, and we don’t want to replicate these here. Apart from its wide coverage, it is the number one choice of frequent flyers. Sounds pretty cool, right!

Well, in terms of usability and design, this app is simple yet polished. If you find the utilitarian design off-putting, then this app is the right choice for you. You are definitely going to like its simple white and black design with blue accents.

You will get nifty alerts on how to do simple stretches for your legs and neck, get up and roam around during long flights. One of the features we loved is the offline reminder on the duration you are stuck on your flight. Now, you don’t need to ask a flight attendant about how much longer you should wait, just check this app, and it’s there. The app promptly notifies you on flight status updates via SMS, so even if you are not connected to the Internet, you are able to receive the alerts.


Flighty app screenshot

We simply call it a pro-level iOS app for globetrotters. Flight tracking app with great features and top-notch design are few and far between, and Flighty seems superior to its competitors in every domain. The app combines traveler-centric functionalities with smart design choices to give you a detailed picture of your flight. We simply love this pro-level travel app and recommend it as an excellent fit for frequent fliers.

Designed by flight nerds for flight nerds, the app’s thoughtful approach to data and design is what we really appreciate. The two- third quarters of the main screen shows the map with the path of your flight. The rest of the information presented in a card-like interface at the bottom of the screen. You can swipe it to extend the card further up the screen.

With just one screen interface, the app is incredibly easy to use. Simply add a flight to your tracker, and the app will present a timeline interface of all information. Flighty claims to offer the fastest flight tracking feature with a delay prediction feature. While it promptly alerts you on a gate change and trip status, it also evaluates the flight and uses the data to predict the chances of any delay.  

Have You Joined the Club?

We have filtered the top flight tracking apps for your iPhone that offer quick, up-to-date, real-time, and accurate information. If you are racing to the airport to catch a flight or to pick up someone, you can save your time by installing any of these apps. Even if you are a flight nerd, you are going to love the cool features these apps offer. Do let us know if you have installed any of the apps and how your experience was. Which features do you love the most? Share your story with other readers in the comments section.

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