The iPhone 11 And Rumors Around It

The iPhone 11 And Rumors Around It

We wait for iPhone 11 eagerly that is why any detail adds value to the event. Now we can speak about the launch date, which should be in early September. The day is not clear, but taking into account that Apple has not held such events on Monday until now, we suppose that it will be September 10. That date allows start selling the phone before the holiday rush.

What news shall we wait for?

The rumors about iPhone 2019 do not bring a lot of information which could ensure us that the device will bring amazing changes. We would say that there is even a slight disappointment because the device is expected to be an incremental upgrade. Perhaps, we are going to pick up some interesting information during the time remained, but until now there has been nothing more than that.

Still, we know that we’ll find the controversial camera bump, augmented-reality glasses, and new emojis coming with the operating system preinstalled on this phone. The iPhone 11 might have the screen tech similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10. In addition, we would say that we would wait for some improvements to the camera quality. It is well known that Apple’s iPhones are still the best ones at taking pictures. Thus, the manufacturer pays attention to this element suggesting extra capabilities. We are waiting for the wide-angle lens and as a result, the extra size of the sensors.

As you see, it makes no sense to expect big changes this time, but we would save our energy for the elements which will come with the next 2020 model.

What about 2020 iPhone?

2020 iPhone 11 camera

So, what is new about the next year’s model. The information is available, but not too much of it. It continues to flood the Internet, though it seems a bit early. What can we mention? Probably, Apple will make the TrueDepth camera more compact and shrink or even remove the notch, replacing FaceID with an in-screen TouchID. That will allow applying an edge-to-edge display. There will be more rear cameras as the producer is going to add a 3D depth-sensing camera to those which exist already. There are rumors that Apple has already planned to get the sensors produced for the next year. You can compare this sensing technology with that in FaceID on the front of the phone. The difference is that it will be able to scan the environment at a distance of 15 feet. Before, the maximum distance was 50 cm.

AR glasses as they are

There is the information that Apple’s AR glasses are not completed yet, and we are afraid that the cost can be too high to make them affordable and convenient for consumers. From the report, we know that Apple is going to suggest an 8K display in each lens of AR or mixed-reality glasses which will be launched in 2020. These rumors are supported with the information that the company has made a substantial investment in developing ARkit — the mobile AR platform that was launched two years ago. And that is a beautiful combination — a new 3D camera module of the coming iPhone 2020 and an AR launch.

Please remember that most of the above information is just rumors at the current moment. There were a lot of examples of inaccurate predictions in the past; thus we should be ready for any turn of events.

The price

As far as we know, the cost of Phone 11 will start at $999. But we do not exclude a different new price strategy. There is time to reconsider. Still, you should not count on a reduction in particular when we speak about the coming iPhone 11. Even if we are not able to prove some serious changes to functionality and design right now, the price will hardly be much lower. But considering the actual sales volumes of iPhones, which have not matched the performances specified in the previous forecast, we can assume that the price for iPhone 11 can be made more affordable — at least, it will not be higher than the above-mentioned one.

Counting the days

Apple’s 2019 flagship will be suggested in three models. Here we are waiting for both 2 OLED and 1 LCD variant. The iPhone of the new generation will have a triple rear camera system with an ultra-wide-angle lens to take larger and extremely detailed pictures, but it will hardly appear in iPhone11. As far as we know, this is one of the most selling features that attract more attention. That is why we think the exact details will be known for sure just before the release. Now we know that it will be bundled with a new charging cable.

Well, we hope that the above information is interesting and useful for you even if it is considered as rumors and can change in the future. But it performs its main function — to draw attention and to make us wait for the flagship. Please, leave your comments below the article if you want to join the discussion of this theme.

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