Top 5 2019 Mobile Games to Kill Time

Top 5 2019 Mobile Games to Kill Time

If your mind is troubled by the thought "Which game can I play to test my new Snapdragon-powered phone now?", then search no more! Especially for you, we have selected Top 5 mobile games to play in 2019. They feature both booming hits and less known, but still intriguing titles to spice up your gadget's game collection.


1. Alto's Odyssey — A mesmerizing Zen run

Alto's Odyssey is an endless runner game, in which you play as Alto — a native guy from Andes, who's chasing after his runaway lamas. Half game/half spiritual journey, it takes you to the stellar views of golden sunsets, starry night skies and breezy dawns. Alto glides care-free through all this visual gorgeousness, sometimes becoming weightless and soaring to the sky. Odyssey's gameplay is often characterized as a brain-relaxing meditation.

Alto's Odyssey is a marvelous stress-reliever.

2. Fortnite — We be gunning non-stop

The biggest battle royale game, Fortnite takes you to a huge island where a hundred of players have to feed bullets to each other in order to win. The island shrinks over the time and the match goes on till only one warrior remains alive. A sizeable repertoire of firearms, explosives, buildable structures and dance emotes attracted a very big fandom. And the game's mobile port can boast of a pretty decent optimization.

Dance your ass off in triumph till the next round in Fortnite.

3. Into the Dead 2 — Can you kill what's not alive?

Following basics of the zombie survival genre, Into the Dead 2 peppers the canonical gameplay with a battle royale element. As for the rest, just slaughter as many starving undead as you can. And keep your buns safe from getting nibbled by the zombois.

The dead rise from the graves. Put them back where they were.

4. Fallout Shelter — World of apocalyptic tomorrow

This captivating and a bit absurd game challenges you to build the best fallout shelter possible. Manage resources, assign tasks to your staff, tempt more survivors to join you with propaganda and shield your post-Armageddon community from marauders. And in your free time you can make the shelter dwellers get romantically interested in each other. To commence repopulation. The optimistic Vault Boy-like characters create a humorous atmosphere with pretty dark undertones. Play the role of a post-apocalyptic leader and build a safe haven.

5. PUBG Mobile — The war has no face, only a helmet

Fortnite's closest competitor and long lost cousin, PUBG will parachute you toa giant island, where a massive bloodshed will begin shortly after. Watch your back and be sure to grab a rifle faster than your enemy. Realistic weapon models, drivable vehicles, room for tactics and heated battles made PUBG an extremely popular pastime — about 75 million people regularly empty their mags in this online game. Cinematographic landscape available on your phone is an extra plus.

Join millions of other players in this awfully fun massacre.

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