Top 5 New Apps You Should Give A Try

Top 5 New Apps You Should Give A Try

Almost every American checks the phone every 12 minute, a study shows. How much an average American spends on Fortnite mobile or Snapchat — no wisdom can tell. You already have a pool of apps used daily. But how about adding something fresh to it? We've prepared a list of Top 5 new Android apps to try right now.


1. Playground: Pokémon Detective Pikachu — Direct a Pikachu Movie

Detective Pikachu has recently become a movie star. Now, you can direct your own detective Pikachu story, using this virtual reality app, which includes Pikachu himself, Jigglypuff, Mr. Mime and Charizard.

2.  Pharos AR — Psychedelic Neon Trip

Charged with neon bright and mellow lights and Childish Gambino's tunes, this app will take you through a mesmerizing journey of visual phantasmagoria. Put the neon effects on your photos, videos or enjoy them in real time via your camera (and headphones).

3. Disqus — Super Trendy

disqus app screen

The application gathers and stores in one place commentaries, notifications, articles, popular trends and ideas. At the moment it's a bit heavy with ads, but maybe it's you who can help the developing team improve their brainchild with a piece of advice.

4. Cosmic JuJu — Share Your Mood

Cosmic JuJu app screen

In this app, you can share your ideas just like on Pinterest. However, here things get more personal as you're free to share your mood, emotions, thoughts, feelings, dreams or goals and aspirations. Cosmic JuJu community promises to be toxic-free, welcoming and friendly.

5. Skit — Manage Your Phone

skit app screen

With the help of Skit you can learn how much space or RAM any application consumes. All the info is extracted in the APK format and perfectly detailed.

Bottom Line

Try one of these new apps to catch up with the latest trends. And maybe with your help the developers will improve their brainchild through valuable feedback.

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