TOP 7 Paid App Store Apps that Gone Free in June

TOP 7 Paid App Store Apps that Gone Free in June

While there are a lot of useful and free apps, the awesome ones usually come at a certain price. Especially it is a well-known fact for iOS users as the vast majority of apps on the App Store are paid. Some of them may become free, and this is a good reason for iOS apps fans to be glad. As our team is always on the hunt for excellent titles, we formed the list of apps that have gone free last month, so you can download them right now!

Mine Out

Mine Out application screenshots

Mine Out was designed for all the users who like exciting arcade adventures. What’s more interesting, the game is 100% indie. In the title, you need to go deeper and deeper into the ground, passing level by level. There are a lot of different animals which will face you in the game. As Mine Out is completely free, the app offers some additional in-game purchases. It can be TNT Sheep BaaBOOM or Mini Mine Cart. Each of them costs only $0.99. Of course, you can play without these purchases. Among other game’s features:

  • You can explode sheep;
  • Use pickaxes and shovels to dig into;
  • Do not forget to collect cows;
  • You will get the mining cart;
  • A lot of dirt blocks and bricks that you can use for construction;
  • There are bounce pigs.


WeightTrackerHK application screenshots

Weight and health tracking is one of the most notable trends in recent years. There are a lot of apps that can help you with it. Some of them are paid and some of them free of charge.

WeghtTrackerHK has a number of innovative and useful features that distinguish the app from others in the market. First of all, you can save all of your weight information over time in a specially designed HealthKit. It really helps you to track the progress. Secondly, the UX is pretty decent. For example, there is no need to enter your weight on a keypad, you just need to slide the picker. Also, the app remembers your last weight. You can select the weight’s measuring unit like kilograms, pounds, or stones. Finally, the app contains a well-designed graphical representation of your progress.

Safety Photo+Video

Safety Photo+Video application screenshots

Today, privacy is one of the most discussed topics in the world. We make millions of photos and videos every day. So, the question is how to keep them safe? Safety Photo+Video was created, especially for these purposes.

The app allows you to protect your media files on the mobile phone by setting the password on them. There are a lot of customization options. For example, users can select the lock design (there are three available) or the passcode style. Other interesting options:

  • Starting from iOS 8, the developers added TouchID support;
  • Safety Photo+Video makes the photo of intruders in case they tried to access your information;
  • Has a dot pattern lock style;
  • There are geotags and EXIF data viewing;
  • You can create albums for your content and set the password for each of them;
  • The app has two stylish themes;
  • Decent UX and UI;
  • Import photos and videos from your gallery on the phone or the computer;
  • Export and sharing features.

MovieSpirit – Movie Maker Pro

MovieSpirit - Movie Maker Pro application screenshots

MovieSpirit - Movie Maker Pro is a professional video editor on your mobile phone. With it, you can create the microfilms in just a few minutes. The app lets you combine different media formats like text, videos, photos, music, and even finger graffiti. MovieSpirit - Movie Maker Pro contains various effects which you can easily add to your microfilm. You can create as many videos as you wish because there is no limit. If you worry about the quality, be sure that the app produces only a high-resolution video output. And you can control it through the real-time preview feature.

VPN · ·

VPN · · application screenshots

VPN · · was developed by VPN VPN VPN PROXY MASTER UNLIMITED INC. And it ranks number 106 in the list of Productivity Apps on the App Store. The title is available for download on both iPhone and iPad for free. It has a number of advantages, such as fast one-tap connection and servers across the world including USA, China, Canada, and the United Kingdom. There’s just one thing: in order to use VPN · ·, you are required to have iOS 9.0 or later. The developers created the app with an excellent performance, which they continue upgrading, and easy to use interface.

Abstract Me

Abstract Me application screenshots

Today it is very hard to make content that really stands out. There are a lot of filters and apps that allow their users to edit photos or videos quickly and easily. But Abstract Me is definitely the title that you need to pay attention to.

The app lets you combine photos with different unusual backgrounds. As a result, your photo will be converted into a completely new image with a curious abstract style. There are a lot of adjustable options that can make your content unique. They include the level of transparency, sharpening, blurring, brightness, and much more. The users can select among 513 kinds of backgrounds images. Also, Abstract Me can quickly convert your color photo to monochrome. As the app is free to install, there are three paid packages: Recover Kit, Filter Pack, and Mask Pack. Each of them costs only $0.99.

Super Lines

Super Lines application screenshots

Super Line is a modern version of the popular Nokia’s Snake. But it has a lot of improvements. First of all, the game contains four modes to play, including a two-play regime where you can compete against your friends. Secondly, the graphics are really impressive. It has the space images on the background and neon-line snakes. Thirdly, it is easy to play. You need only to touch the screen and set the direction for your snake.

Which One do You Like?

So, it was the list of 7 interesting apps that became free in June. Traditionally, at the end of our post, we ask you a question. Hence, share in the comments below which app you like the most and want to install? Why?

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