Top File Managers For iPhone

Top File Managers For iPhone

Apple took care of built-in file apps in its iOS devices so well that many users believe it is the best option for them. And it is partly true. Native file apps may not be flawless but have multiple advantages. If you want to stick to them, that’s ok. Meanwhile, there are people who want to try something new, including extra features in the app. Besides, native apps inner file systems are closed for users. Basically, you can use these apps, but you will not be able to manage their internal files.

Top File Managing Apps

Once you decide to try other apps, you can go to the app store and search for them randomly. What we suggest is the best third-party apps for your iPhone, so you don’t have to guess which one is better. We made this list for everyone who wants to improve the quality of the work, save time and money. You may compare their work with built-in iPhone file managers. If you have any other apps on your mind, share them in the comments below.

Documents By Readdle App

documents by readdle app screenshot

Price: free of charge

This app opens numerous possibilities for you. You can navigate all the information, including music, video and picture files from it. Documents by Readdle app has extended features that help you to manage files on your phone.

The app gives you access to iCloud Music Library and other files from iCloud. The app also supports ZIP files. You are able to extract these files anytime you want. There is a feature that allows you to listen to the audio, view photos and other images, read PDF files. The app integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

There is a built-in browser in the app, and you can use it without leaving Documents by Readdle. There is a tool that helps you to develop FTP servers if you need them. Your data will be protected with a Password.


FileApp screenshot

Price: free of charge

FileApp is another great file manager on this list. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It has a neat design and user-friendly interface. Your files can be organized by type or date. You don’t have to search for files you’ve recently viewed as they all are reflected in a separate section.

With FileApp, you may record the audio, create images and text files. It also offers to view images and play the audio and video. You can read PDF files within the app. You can transfer files from your iPhone to Mac or Windows. There is a desktop version of the app that allows you to exchange files with your phone.

If you need to share the documents with other users, turn on the Sharing option. It is a simple and easy way to send information to your colleagues or business partners. And don’t worry about security, all your files are protected.

File Hub      

filehub app screenshot    

Price: free basic version, $4.99 for pro version

File Hub has several great functions. The most popular are exchanging, storing and browsing files. It offers several cloud services on-demand, as well as SFTP/NAS/FTP/WebDAV servers. The app opens PDF files and plays almost all video and audio formats. This is a 4-star app on the App Store.

You can organize files and create new ones, make folders, and import documents from iCloud Drive. The app is well organized. All the files are easy to find. They can be sorted by date or type, according to your preferences. Use WiFi or Bluetooth to transfer files from your phone to PC. The app offers security to your files. You can use a password since Touch ID is not supported.

File Manager

file manager app screenshot

Price: free basic version, $2.99 for upgrade

File Manager runs free, supported by ads. It has high ratings on the App Store and is considered to be not only a file manager but a virtual USB drive. It opens files of different kinds, including all text files, audio, and videos. You can extract ZIP and RAR files as well.

The app has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. In just a few minutes, you will be able to create folders or files. The app is compatible with numerous cloud storage like Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive. It has a web browser of its own.

The app offers the Touch ID security system. If you don’t want to come up with a password, you are able to use Touch ID. After that, you can share your data with iTunes, WiFi Sync or the cloud without any problems.

File Master

filemaster app screenshot

Price: free basic version, $2.99 to remove ads

The app is free but contains annoying ads. If you want to remove them, you have to pay $2.99. It has 4.4 out of 5 scores on the App Store. In many countries, this app was ranked as no. 1 file manager. Besides file managing, it opens all types of documents, contains audio and video player, and text editor.

The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The design of the app may look a little bit primitive, however, it is easy to use, and almost every tool is one tap away from the user. The app helps to create different kinds of files, import photos, and text messages. It has its own built-in browser.

File Master is one of the most secure apps. It offers the Touch ID system, and pin security if you need it. It offers to share your files to other users protected by a password.


mymedia app screenshot

Price: free of charge basic version, $0.99 for WiFi files, $2.99 files in folders

MyMedia is a free app that was developed to help you to navigate your files on PC and Mac from iPhone and backward. It links all the devices you need in one chain. You can exchange text, audio, and video files between them in no time. With this manager, you can save files you received from different apps and put them in order.

The design of the app looks a little bit messy. So you will have to learn how to use all the app’s features step by step. Many useful tools are hidden in Settings or Menu. In a few taps, you can reach the file manager to create new files.

The app offers a web-browser where you can download and keep your documents. Using MyMedia you can actually share your files with others. And you can always get quick access to your Dropbox storage via the app.

Pocket Drive

Pocket  app screenshot

Price: free of charge basic version, $1.99 per 4GB of storage, $3.99 for 32 GB storage, and $2.99 for 16 GB storage

Pocket Drive is incredibly convenient to use file manager for your iPhone.  It is also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad. It has a simple but user-friendly design. All your possibilities are visible on the homepage.

There are numerous features in the app as well. You may create text, audio and video files, take photos, keep everything in organized folders. The app has its own browser where you can download files. Your information will be protected by password locks.

Besides, you don’t need any set up with this app. The app links your phone with Mac and PC. It supports all types of files, so you don’t have to install additional apps for your work. It offers a built-in ZIP opener for your convenience.

Which File Manager To Choose?

All these file managers work great on iOS platforms. Almost all of them can transfer data to your PC. Each of them is free. The main point is you don’t actually have to choose. You can download all of them one by one on your phone and decide which one is better yourself. Take a good look at apps’ descriptions before you download them and check whether your phone meets each app’s requirements. If you have already tried all of them or at least one from the list, take a moment and write down your opinion in the comments. Share your honest review with us, even if it is negative. If you know other apps that deserved to be on the list, tell us their names.

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