Call of Duty®: Mobile

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
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Call of Duty®: Mobile is a first-person multiplayer shooter available on Android and iOS devices. Players compete against each other using various weapons and military tactics in an attempt to win matches.

Technically Flawless

Call of Duty®: Mobile doesn't have a single-player mode; instead, players get two multiplayer campaigns. The first one offers a traditional CoD experience with teams competing against each other. The second one is a battle royale that takes you on a map that you can tackle alone or with your friends.

Even though there are several free-to-play annoyances, we've had great fun with the game. It can't pull die-hard fans away from the PC version. It's made for casual players – those who can spare a few minutes and finish a round quickly. That's a lot of people, given that the game was downloaded 100 million times during the first week of availability.

The game is technically flawless. You will never see players zipping across the map, and it won't crash on you. Graphics have minor glitches, but there is nothing that can hurt your experience. It's a very well-designed game. That shouldn't be a surprise since TiMi Studios also developed PUBG Mobile, and it works even on low-end phones.

Game Controls

The controls are simple. One button controls the legs. The second takes care of the head. Players never fire weapons themselves; it happens automatically when you place the target on an enemy. It might sound boring, but it works really well. You still have to concentrate on where the bullet will end up.

As usual, you need a headshot to do the maximum damage and to be good at this. You'll need to master controls. One bullet to the skull can kill the opponent, while six bullets into the chest are sometimes not enough to kill another player.

Some parts of the game were taken from Black Ops 4, such as the possibility to use airstrikes and grenades, the ability to pick up items that opponents drop when they die, and killstreaks. Everything is done via a little button on the screen. All works really well and guarantees a rewarding experience.


Call of Duty®: Mobile is a hallmark of multiplayer shooters that sets the bar for other games. With advances in phone tech, it's possible to cram a big game into a compact package. This isn't a rushed port with a famous name slapped on it. It's a quality game we've enjoyed playing.


  • Loads of content;
  • Full game without compromises;
  • Amazing visual and sound effects;
  • Shooting is precise and rewarding.


  • Encourages to buy Premium Pass;
  • Microtransactions are annoying.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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