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Cat care

As independent as cats are, they need their owners to get food, water, a home, veterinary care, love and more. No matter how independent the cats are, they need food, water, home, veterinary care, love and more. How best to organize your cat’s care and diet, read Take care of these things and we are confident that you will achieve a satisfactory relationship with your cat’s companion. Take care of these points and we are sure that you will achieve a satisfactory relationship with your feline companion.

  1. Keep your cat safe:
  • Let him live inside your house
  • Always use a box to transport it
  • If you leave the house, check that the washer and dryer are closed (some cats go up to these)
  • It is customary to check drawers, cabinets, and cupboards before closing them
  1. Give her a nice necklace and nameplate

No matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility that you run out the door. Always remember the importance of the necklace and nameplate with name, telephone, and address to help you return home.

  1. Take it to the vet regularly

If you don’t have a trusted veterinarian yet, ask your local animal shelter, rescuers or friends for references. Medical care is essential for both your cat and you. If you already have cats or dogs at home, make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations and enjoy full health before taking a new cat home.

  1. Sterilize your cat

This will keep your cat healthier and help decrease the number of cats slaughtered each year due to overpopulation. If you are complicated by the cost, you can be on the lookout for campaigns for sterilization in social networks or relief and animal rescue groups in your area.

  1. Ask for information about proper feeding

Orient yourself as to the nutritional needs of cats and ask your veterinarian for advice on how many times a day you should eat yours.

  1. Keep your litter box clean

Cats are clean by nature and instinct, most will use their litter box, you just have to show them where they will be. You can get a special shovel to remove stool at least once a day and if possible, it is suggested to change and once a week and wash the container well. Besides, cats like a little privacy at times, so place your little box somewhere quiet and quiet.

  1. Roast your cat

Try to brush your cat regularly to avoid knots, hairballs, hair loss and ensure healthier skin. It is also important to take care of your gravitas. This time of day also helps you discover wounds, insects, as well as spend quality moments with him.

  1. Spend time with him

Although cats enjoy their time alone and can entertain themselves, one or another game session with your pet will offer you the physical and mental stimulation you need in addition to strengthening your bond. They love to play and will value any simple and inexpensive toy you can give them.

  1. Basic training to facilitate your coexistence at home

A repetitive, gentle and consistent training will make your cat learn the house rules (do not scratch furniture, eat plants, jump to places, etc.). Never yell or hit your cat, they are very intelligent beings and they will learn with time.

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