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Catnip: All About

Our cat rubs herself on it, curls up, reacts as if she were given drugs, and then after a while, she gets tired of it and goes about her business.

The most famous catnip is catnip (or catmint). It can be found in nature or easily bought in shops. Not to be confused about course with catnip, which is eaten (see our article on this subject for more details).

I love Trop Chat tells you everything about catnip! Come on, dive with us!

What is catnip? What is it?

Catnip (or catheter), also known as Cat Mint, is a perennial plant that emits a stimulating and euphoric molecule (terpene) for cats.

The cat doesn’t eat it (but it’s not harmful anyway), it will only sniff it and rub against itself, but beware, what a result!

Catnip: what effects?

First of all, it is important to know that not all cats are sensitive to catnip. The figures vary according to species and studies, but less than 70%-80% of cats are susceptible to it. So it doesn’t mean anything if your cat doesn’t react to it! No need to contact the seller if his catnip doesn’t work and no need to take your kitty to the vet!

If he reacts to it, the level of satisfaction and euphoria may be different: it may start with a simple sniffing, followed by licking and shaking his head. This is followed by rubbing the chin and neck, biting and finally rolling on the back, rubbing the body and resting. You will normally see him very happy, which is sometimes confusing the first time, especially for an apartment cat.

Is catnip dangerous for cats?

Catnip is not dangerous for our cat-like friends and its effect is often limited in time (a few minutes). If the cat is repeatedly exposed to catnip, its effect decreases without causing addiction such as drugs. So don’t panic, catnip is a stimulant to be used in moderation without any known risk.

If he ingests it, there is no risk to his health either.

But how do you find catnip?

Nothing could be easier, just keep reading our article!

Natural or wild catnip

Catnip is a natural plant that can be found on roadsides, in slightly rocky areas.

You will also find it in many gardens where it is cultivated both for medicinal properties, for its use in cooking, but also to please our favourite tomcats.

Growing it: catnip in seeds

Cat Mint can be purchased as a seed on the internet or from a nursery. It is a rather perennial plant, robust, and very easy to cultivate. It will be necessary to take small precautions so that it is not slaughtered by our cats before it has grown enough, but overall it is very easy to cultivate.

We have found a very good article for you on the culture of catnip.

If you want to buy seeds, click here.

Growing it: catnip in a pot

If you do not wish to buy your cathedral in seeds, in this case, do not hesitate to buy it in a pot. It is available from many nurseries.

However, be careful with the following tips:

  1. Planting period: From March to April
  2. Recommended contribution to planting: Organic amendment
  3. Watering: Water normally, especially if the plant is grown in a pot.
  4. Nutrition: Organic fertilizer in spring
  5. Disease resistant: Yes

Dried catnip

Powdered catnip

Dried catnip is the most common catnip on the market. It comes from professional plantations, dried and powdered.

You should sprinkle or rub it with your pet’s toys, cat trees, litter and scratches to stimulate his play and hunting instinct. You can also place it in his cushion so that he can rub it with pleasure.

If you wish to buy dried catnip, click here.

Its irresistible smell will attract your best friend and increase his mobility!

The catnip in a ball

Catnip can be available in the form of a ball, mainly for the cat to play with or lick. He will keep her rolling between his legs and will never stop having fun while getting drunk.

Spray catnip

Finally, very useful, the spray catnip makes it possible to spray the smell of the catnip on a specific area, to either give bite back to an object or to attract its cat

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