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Fortnite is a popular survival game, and this is the mobile port of the PC version. Players battle 100 other players and try to be the last man standing. The game is loaded with cartoonish animations and humorous situations.


To make Fortnite enjoyable on the phone, some trade-offs had to be made. Don't expect to see the same high-resolution graphics on mobile. Still, the game looks beautiful and runs smoothly. Your experience will be more immersive on a larger screen, while smaller screens make the game look prettier. Playing on the iPad is a bit awkward because on-screen buttons are a bit further apart. You're going to be slower on the draw.

Fortnite offers in-app purchases for animations, costumes, and other content, but it doesn't push you to buy anything. If you're concerned about your privacy, you can't chat with other players in the mobile version.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer

One cool thing about Fortnite is that it supports gaming across different players. However, mobile players are only paired with other mobile players. If you chose to play in Duo or Squad mode, you would be loaded to a multiplatform server. Another interesting thing is your Epic Games account. You can use it on all platforms, and your progress will synchronize across all platforms.

Because your progress is synced, your recent activity shows up on mobile. Or you can create a new account. Fortnite doesn't let you customize your own character, and you get a random style every time. If you want a special one, you'll have to buy a skin.

The controls are decent; they're easy to remember and use. Building menus can be accessed by pressing a virtual button. Still, it's a touchscreen, which means it can be frustrating. Aiming, moving, and shooting simultaneously is what you should practice more. There are going to be situations where you accidentally discharge your weapon. Long-range shots are especially hard to make. Mobile players can't compete with PC players who use a mouse and keyboard. Most people will eventually get used to virtual buttons, though.


Fortnite has several performance issues, but otherwise, it's one of the best mobile survival games. All the same, building, scavenging, and action are here. The biggest change involves graphics and pop-ups that warn you when players are nearby. If you travel a lot or need a quick Fortnite fix, this version is more than a capable substitute for the PC game.


  • Full-featured Fortnite on mobile;
  • Play solo or in teams;
  • Gather resources, build refuges;
  • Regular events and updates.


  • Battle Pass gives an advantage;
  • Inventory management is confusing.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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