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Hello Neighbor is a game in which you should outsmart and outrun your crazy Neighbor. You should invade his house and discover his dark secrets, using trickery and stealth to avoid a reactive opponent.

Ambitious Idea

Hello Neighbor lets you play as a kid in a Pixar-inspired neighborhood where some dark secrets lurk beneath the cartoonish graphics and exaggerated emotions. During the first minutes of the game, you witness a neighbor acting strangely, boarding up the door to his basement.

The smart AI controls the Neighbor, and it's both dynamic and inconsistent. The Neighbor has no route that you can disrupt. The game doesn't communicate what you should do, or what triggers the AI. Sometimes, you can run past him concealed in the shadows. At the same time, the Neighbor can launch a missile from far away when you think he's looking in the other direction.

Trial and Error Attempts

The game has a fixed solution. Once you've figured it out, Hello Neighbor becomes a series of trial-and-error attempts. You need to unlock the right doors, find the right tools, and flip the right switches. The Neighbor frustrates you during these attempts, but getting caught isn't something to worry about: you keep all items that you've collected. It's even convenient to get caught sometimes and be sent to the start of the level.

As for the controls, they could be more responsive. When you try to open the door, your character is looking through a keyhole. You need to stand in the right place, and then your character will open the door. Jumping can be frustrating, and setting down items is more like throwing them away.

We'd love an update that adds the ability to carefully set items down and make controls more precise. There is a learning curve, but the game is playable. However, impatient players may get no further than the first floor and never see cool parts of the house, such as the water-filled room. It seems like the game is made to gather traffic online and attract streamers with its confusing mechanics.


There is a huge potential to Hello Neighbor, and sometimes you get a sense for a home-invasion adventure it should have been. The Neighbor listens to you and reacts to your actions. Instead of a stealth game, it is a puzzle game where you're often set back to the start. Some puzzles are interesting, others are frustrating. Still, if you love puzzles, this is a game for you.


  • Interesting hide and seek concept;
  • Advanced AI controls the Neighbor;
  • Packed with quirky, unique touches.


  • Controls are clumsy;
  • Dependent on trial-and-error.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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