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Homescapes is a match-3 game developed by Playrix. Two main characters, Austin and Butler, live in a mansion that has fallen into disrepair. From there, they should renovate it with your help.

Match-3 Puzzles

Homescapes use match-3 mechanics, where the gameplay is based on matching adjacent elements to make a column or a row. The player can get power-ups and use them to clear the level faster. To progress further, players must achieve level goals (collect certain elements, remove suds, and so on). You earn starts that you can use to renovate the house and open new levels.

Homescapes is a free game with in-app purchases, which allows you to buy fictional currency. It works similarly to Candy Crush Saga that encourages you to buy boosters by giving extremely hard levels. There are also occasional events where players can get unique power-ups.

Decorate Your House

In Homescapes, you need to clear the board and earn stars. Use the stars to buy new furnishings for your mansion or perform simple tasks (e.g., cleaning). Interior decorating options are limited, but they motivate you to keep going. Design elements add some fun mechanics to the familiar game type.

There are levels with multiple parts, and you have to complete one part to move onto the next. By solving all parts, you get stars. When you finish a puzzle, your on-screen character will clap his hands at you. This is odd because this sound is louder than others. Homescapes may be your next game that will eat your time, but you'll want to play it with the sound off.

You may have seen Homescapes ads that depict gameplay that is nothing like the game itself. Indeed, the game has been criticized for false advertisement. In 2019, a petition was set up to stop false advertising that cited this game as the main example. Other than that, it hasn't been involved in any scandals.


The first seven days after the release, Homescapes was downloaded over 7 million times. It's one of the most popular titles on iOS and Android. This is a wonderful match-3 puzzle game that offers some new mechanics. But it aggressively encourages you to buy boosters and stars, or watch ads to beat levels. We think there should be some daily reward system because you need to beat levels to get stars in order to complete tasks. As of now, there are too many tasks and not so many stars.


  • Various colorful boosters;
  • Relaxing atmosphere and graphics;
  • Lots of cool combos;
  • Regular updates and events.


  • A bit of a money sink;
  • Occasional crashes and glitches.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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