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Lift is an app that facilitates ridesharing and connects passengers with drivers. The company operates in over 200 American cities. All you need is a valid phone number and a good internet connection.

Finding a Driver

After a few taps in the app, the driver will be on his/her way to you – you only need to set a pickup point. You will see a photo of your driver and their ETA. You can watch as the driver approaches you on a map, and call them if something happens. Once the driver arrives, confirm your destination and get in.

Lyft lets you tip drivers when you pay at the end of the ride. If you don't want to, just don't sweat it. When your ride ends, you can rate the driver and write a comment. It will be anonymously shared with the driver.

Review Your Rides

After the ride, an email appears in your inbox. You can also browse your ride history in the app, which includes a breakdown of all costs. You can request to review the bill and report a lost item.

If a closer driver becomes available while you're waiting for a ride, Lyft will switch the ride to them. Even if the first driver was on his/her way to you, the instant a closer car becomes available, the first one loses a passenger. This is good for clients and not so good for drivers. The app doesn't charge long pickup fees. Drivers can easily drive 10 miles to you to give you a one-mile tour.

Originally, all Lyft vehicles could be identified with pink mustaches on the front, but now the app uses the Amp. This is a small module on the dashboard that lights up. This is very helpful when getting a ride after dark. Besides, all Lyft cars have the Lyft logo displayed in the front and rear windshields.


Lyft is customer first, driver last oriented. They do things for their clients over their drivers. You will see how much rides cost, and there is no Uber's surge pricing. Best of all, you can give money directly to drivers, leave reviews, and see a photo of a driver that's going to pick you up.


  • Doesn't charge pickup fees;
  • Supports scheduling rides in advance;
  • Switches to a closer driver.


  • Limited availability in the US and worldwide.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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