AI Takes Over: Google Introduces Smart Compose For Gmail

AI Takes Over: Google Introduces Smart Compose For Gmail

The new feature is an improved version of Smart Reply, powered by AI and machine learning

Gmail Smart Compose is based on an algorithm that predicts phrases and whole sentences when you type a reply in your Gmail account. The suggested text is shown in pale font and you can either choose it as your reply or just continue typing the original message.

Such a feature may tremendously help save time to those who have to take care of e-correspondence often. It will be available on all devices powered by Android. As the field testing shows, Smart Compose is pretty good at improvising and can come up with an appropriate phrase/sentence in different contexts.

As of now, it's still in its pre-release state, but Gmail users may give its beta a try. For that:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Click on the Settings.
  • Select Try the New Gmail.
  • Click on Save changes.

And the writing assistant will be activated. However, other platforms will have to wait. It's still unknown whether iOS crowd gets this service or not.

Robot Secretary

Machine Learning implies that Smart Compose will be analyzing your writing habits and remembering passages used often. Using it will save some of your time indeed. But is it really safe to trust your private correspondence to this clever feature?

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