Apple Arcade — A Better Deal Than Anticipated

Apple Arcade — A Better Deal Than Anticipated

The $4.99 subscription gaming service with family sharing called Apple Arcade recently debuted on 19 September with the release of iOS 13. But users on the iOS 13 beta could access and try it earlier than the official launch. This is big news since users can easily avail this service and dive into the world of nearly 60 games from the best indie studios. The gaming list includes names in classic franchises like Rayman and Pac-Man, Mini Motorways from the makers of Mini Metro, exclusives like Capcom’s Shinsekai: Into the Depths and Q-Games’ Frogger in Toy Town, Apple Arcade version of Sayonara Wild Hearts, Assemble With Care — a beautiful story puzzler from Ustwo Games, and many others.

Apple Arcade Will Reshape Mobile Gaming

While Apple has recently released iOS 13 — the latest mobile operating system with some new features — Apple Arcade is its most momentous contribution. This jam-packed gaming hub will have a far-reaching influence on how the apps are built, and how you pay for those. Even considered separately, Apple Arcade is really impressive. Isn’t it great that for just five dollars a month, you have access to more than 100 new games which are no cast-offs? The list is an evocative delight, it includes some high-quality games from renowned studios like Ustwo — the makers of Monument Valley — and Annapurna Interactive. You will be amazed to see the different games genres, from fictional to strategy, and relax to wildly ambitious ones.

The Fun Has Just Begun

Apple fans can get this service by paying an unusual price, and we think it is a great deal considering the great games that have been included. The quality and diverse genres exceed our expectations. It will be impossible to quit, once you start playing these addictive games.

Let us know how many games you have already played, and share your list of the best games from Apple Arcade in the comments section.

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