Let The Cabbage Roll: Runner Game Farm Punks to Be Released on May 30th

Let The Cabbage Roll: Runner Game Farm Punks to Be Released on May 30th

A hectic simulator of rolling vegetables and fruits comes to iOS and Android and can be pre-ordered now.

Noodlecake (Alto's Adventure/Odyssey) and Sleeping Giant will release a new runner game for both major mobile platforms by the end of the month. This time the main heroes will be cabbage, apples, cherries, pumpkins, a cow and other guys that regularly can be seen on a farm.

The central objective is to launch, let's say a plum, from a cannon and then artfully maneuver it, as it rapidly rolls down the slope. Various barriers and obstacles will appear in your way and avoiding them is a #1 priority: the farm food seems to be delicate, as it permanently loses health points. As a helping hand, there are various types of vehicles: for example, you can let your cabbage hop in a helicopter.

Eventually, the edible guy you control must make it to the food stand where it will be sold. The less damage it has sustained, the bigger your pay will be. And vice versa. So, preserving presentable looks and health points is crucial. Otherwise, your progress in the game will greatly stutter.

Money earned from selling crops can be invested into a purchase of:

  • New trees for the farm;
  • Cannon upgrades;
  • Various types of vehicles;
  • Orchard and fruit/vegetable upgrades.

As you can see, Farm Punks ads a light tinge of business simulator to the wild fun of the runner genre. Which is actually a clever thing to do: whenever you have the luxury of being idle — crazy-paced runner part is at your service. If it's a busy season, but you still want to return to the game — the business section welcomes you.

All in all, Farm Punks is a solid game, with a good chance to become the next favorite time-killer of the mobile crowd. Flashy graphics, energetic tempo, goofy atmosphere and yokel soundtrack with banjos, spoons, washboard and guitars — all of this yokel luxury will be accessible in less than 2 weeks.

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