Pou Review: Play with Your Digital Friend

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Pou is a game similar to Tamagotchi. You will play taking care of a digital creature living in your mobile device. You will feed, bathe, entertain it, and as a result, you will develop responsibility in addition to pure satisfaction provided by a playing process.

How to play?

First, you are expected to feed your Pou dragging and dropping food to its mouth. You should do it four times a day. Do not forget to wash your Pou, tapping a dirty place to make it clean. When you succeed, you will get five coins. Otherwise, if it is left dirty, you reduce your Health Status. It goes without saying that Pou must be healthy. And if it is getting sick, to restore his condition, you should pay coins for the so-called Health Potion being available in various volumes.

You should always check out the current condition of Pou, and if there is a problem, you’d better buy the needed amount. When the pet feels good, you can play with it. The title comes with a range of mini-games providing coins and status. The coins can be spent on food, decoration of the house, and other stuff. When you complete achievements, you can unlock special items. In addition, you should water your flowers and receive coins if they are ok. Anyway, it is important to keep the stats (Energy, Health, Food, and Fun) high.


Pou is a well-designed title with the simple visuals made in vibrant colors. The creatures are cute and stylish but primitive and cannot be compared with higher-end design. Still, you will get satisfaction from the game if you like Tamagotchi-like activities. The app is lightweight and does not take a lot of space on your device. There are in-app purchases enhancing your playing experience. The game is updated from time to time to count on fixing the possible lags.


Download this app and take care of Pou if you want to get bonuses and continue playing. You will see your Pou grow surrounded by care and attention. You can leave a creature without your love and thought. If you like to torture it – it’s up to you. Be sure that this game is not only for kids. The review of the adult users proves that it is quite interesting and entertaining. Add it to your collection of time-killers.


  • The game is rich in achievements, activities, and customizations;
  • Navigation is extremely simple, coming with simple tapping and swiping;
  • There is a shop with a wide choice of items allowing to restore health status and better customization.


  • The visuals are quite simple.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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