Tubi TV Review: Free Alternative of Popular Streaming Services

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Tubi is a video streaming service, which is quite different compared to Hulu or Netflix. It can boast of the extended library of movies and TV shows available on the go at no charge. The app comes with quite a lot of advertisements, but considering its free-of-charge basis, this is not irritating.

What does it offer?

Tubi TV has been available since 2014, becoming very popular among Android and iOS users. It is ad-supported, that is why you can enjoy its offering for free. If it is not appropriate for you, look for something else. Also, the service does not come with plenty of content, and it must be acknowledged that its diversity is not impressive. That is why you’d better leave your subscribed plans and add this free app to create a greater variety of products. Here you will find real gems among over 50 000 titles that are not available somewhere else. And it delivers a new portion of content every week. There is an opportunity to give Tubi TV feedback as to your particular preferences, and you can count on consideration. Still, you should not expect to find the premium quality of the services.

Why is it free?

You can be sure that you will not pay a penny using this app. Just download it, cope with functionality, enjoy a comprehensive layout, navigate simply through the content, and benefit from the stuff you find appropriate. You have not suggested any in-app products that could enhance your experience, meaning that you cannot remove the ad even for a price. There is no premium content, and all updates are free of charge. This is because the service is 100% ad-supported. So, you will “pay” for your yet-to-spend money by viewing commercials all the time. But the videos are short containing the information that can be even helpful.


Tubi TV comes with exclusives that are not talked about too much and quality content, which is worthy of having on your mobile device and enjoying it on the go. Its library is rather large, offering free video. Moreover, new movies and shows are added gradually throughout the month, so you can look through an offering every week and find fresh content. At that, this is a legal streaming service that can be installed from the official stores without a use of a VPN.


  • The app is completely free;
  • It provides unrestricted access to cult favorites;
  • It is legal and safe.


  • The commercials come before and during every show and movie;
  • There are no a lot of high-profile TV shows.
To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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